Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Helena loves to take shits all over her slaves t shirts and this times she takes a nice hot shit over his red, white and blue striped shirt. Pretty soon the slave is not going to have any more t shirts to wear. Helena looks sexy smoking her cigarette and squatting down on the toilet to take a nice shit over the pathetic slaves shirt which she leaves a pile on.

This redhead really knows how to make taking a shit look hot as she squats her beautiful ass over the toilet and lets out a nice brown log. She lets the shit squeeze out from her anus as she just couldn't hold back any longer. She then wipes her ass crack nice and clean and lets you have a nice look at her ass before jumping in the shower.

Blonde Jenicha eats her own shit for your pleasure as she chews on her own shit and pee and opens her mouth to let you have a glance of what you'll soon be tasting. Jenicha just smiles knowing that you will soon taste her shit and enjoty it as much as she does. It is very brown and stinky as you smell it on her mouth and soon you will be tasting

This disobedient slave feels the wrath of his dominatrix in a merciless scat torture session. First the dominatrix inserts iron rods throughout the slaves penis and then grips his balls that are extremely fragile in her hands. But the ultimate punishment is the slave gets a mouth full of the dominatrix's stinky brown shit as she leans over his mouth and takes a dump right into it. The slave vomits

This bbw ebony takes a nice long shit and spreads it all over the top of a banana and covers it with whip cream to make a nice banana shit split. The banana shit spilt is a great summer time treat for her slave. Instead of the usual topping of chocolate on top of the banana this sexy bbw takes her own chocolate sauce from her ass and makes a treat

The very beautiful Ms. Missa X loves to be fucked when she is all tied up. Her lover ties her up on the bathroom floor but Ms. Missa realizes she must piss and shit before fucking. It is too late as she starts the process and pee starts to dribble out of her along with a nice turtle head that sticks out of her ass hole. She messes the floor

Lovely Melanie is completely naked and has a nice bowl of her own shit that she wants to play with. The brown shit is in a red container on the floor as Melanie takes the pile of shit and rubs it all over her own body. She smears the shit all over her own body, tasting it and eating it to make sure that it is totally ready to rub on your cock

This hungry slave gets a nice stomach full of lovely shit as he is spoon fed the big turd from a white plastic container. It is a scat lovers dream as this nice piece of shit is waiting for him in the container for him to consume. This shit is multi colored and is nice and ripe for him. This piece of shit should definitely satisfy his hunger pangs

This sexy brunette has just taken a nice shit all in her panties and she takes it out and shows you what she has done. The shit covers her panties and she plans to dip the loaded panties into your potty mouth, you dirty little slave. She knows you are hungry and she has just the thing for you as she shows you what your dinner is going to be

The very gorgeous Miss Missa X takes a nice shit in a bag so she can send it to her perverted slave. Sexy Missa wakes up in the morning and takes a nice shit and piss in a bag and then sends it all over to her slave, signed, sealed and delivered. Miss Missa gives her slave Aaron what he wants in a bag and then does some nice ass winking.

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