Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Jae has a shit fetish but does not want anyone to know. So she only does it in the shower so that she can clean up afterwards without anyone noticing

Jenny is a cruel mistress. She was in the mood for some degradation and she tied up her slave and then showed and explained what she wanted to do to him. Then she did it. She shit on the slave.

Alexa was bored and she wanted something exciting to do. She came across scat fetish and decided to try it out. She had fun fingering her asshole, shitting and playing with her shit

This mistress was alone in the library. She was hungry and wanted to shit. She pooped on a plastic plate and ate it

Everybody has what they love to do. For this mistress, that is shitting. She loves to get a slave and humiliate the slave with her shit

The shitting fetish comes naturally for Messalina. She has always loved shit and loved to play with it. But she learnt the art of humiliating slaves with it

Gina is no stranger to shit. She not only loves shitting, but she also loves to play with her shit, something few mistresses do

Jae's hobby is shitting. Plain and simple. She loves shitting on different surfaces and then playing with her shit

Candy loves to shit. It gives her as much pleasure as others get from having sex. She loves the sensation of a big load of crap coming out of her asshole

This mistress had food poisoning. She had a running stomach and could not wait for the person using the toilet to finish. She just shit on the floor

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