Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Lady Bianca does not forgive easily. This guy had conned her and she had never forgotten about it. He forgot what he had done to her but she did not. She called her lesbian lover to help her punish him and the two mistresses got even with him by shitting on him. He had to eat poo and drink pee while the mistresses made out and licked each other to orgasm.

This mistress uses shit to settle all her problems. If she has beef with you, rest assured she will shit on you or find a way to get you to eat her shit as punishment. That is what she did to this guy who sold her a fake gadget and insisted it was the original. She got him to return her money after he had been made to ear her poo.

This mistress was bored out of her freaking mind and when he went home and she felt like shitting, she took out her camera and she recorded herself shitting. She took pov videos of what her shit leaving her asshole. She wanted to see every nasty detail and when she was done, she had fun watching it. She even got new ideas of what to do next and that is how she came to have a shit fetish.

Mistress Adelina Frau likes to shit on people she does not like. If she hates you or she dislikes you, she will find a way to lure you to her house and then she will make you eat her shit. She loves to turn guys into her human toilet and then force them to eat the shit. She loves it because it gives her a rush that few other things do.

Mistress Emily does not forgive easily. And when this guy messed with her, he had to be taught a cruel lesson. That is what she did to him and she did it using her shit fetish. She took a dump on the poor guy and she forced him to eat it. She also had him smear his own face with the shit. She then made him use it as lube to masturbate.

When this mistress noticed that this guy did not give her the respect she deserved, she dominated him cruelly. She forced him to eat her shit to send a message to him. He regretted what he did and he gained a new respect for her. He tried to beg for mercy but the mistress did not care what he said. For the mistress, the damage had already been done and there was nothing he could do about it.

This mistress felt that her slave deserved to be punished for what he had done to her. He had ignored her and gone ahead to do his own things in his own way. He ignored what she had asked him to do and she could not take it. She took a shit on a polythene bag and she forced him to eat it. She watched as he ate all of it under her supervision.

Mistress Isabella accidentally stepped on shit on her way home. She felt bad and she nearly threw up at the smell. But as she walked home, she realized that was the perfect way to punish her slave. She endured the smell until she reached home. On getting home, she made her slave lick the soles of her shoes clean. He had to lick them clean and she nearly threw up seeing him do it.

This BBW mistress does not like to lose. And when she does, she has to take out her anger and frustration on someone. That someone today was her slave who she had to shit on in anger. She was not the only one to shit on him as she had invited her friend to also do the same to him. He had lied to them that he was good and they had bet on him but it turned out he was not and he made them lose.

Mistress Adelina Frau wanted to have a little bit of fun by herself. She wanted to enjoy shit fetish on her own as opposed to enjoying it with a loser or someone else. She inserted an anal toy in her ass and she took a shit on herself and on the toy. She had fun ass fucking herself and shitting herself. She smeared the shit all over her ass before she went to take a shower.

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