Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Melissa was feeling naughty and wanted to do something unorthodox. She called her slave and led him to her shit. She then made him smear it all over his body

This mistress has a great ass. She loves showing it off and when guys get attracted to it and by it, she takes advantage and shits on them

Gina had gone to the toilet and did not have toilet paper to wipe herself with. She called her slave and used him as toilet paper

This mistress' slave wanted some breakfast. She agreed and served him her shit to eat. She shit on a plate and then forced him to eat and swallow

This mistress made her slave look at her anus and see how clean it was. It would be his duty henceforth to make sure it is as clean

Nobody loves shit more than this mistress. She likes smearing herself with it and even using it as lubricant whenever she is masturbating

Sophie was mad at her boyfriend. She knew he loved bathroom sex. So she made him think they would have bathroom sex and when he reached the bathroom, she was bent over and her ass full of shit

Alexa is merciful today. She did not want to degrade her slave and humiliate him a lot. Just a little. She made him smell her shit and lick her asshole.

These students were angry at their teacher for failing them. They waited after class to speak to him and ended up degrading him. They shit on him and made him eat their shit and drink their piss

Alexa wanted a custom made toilet. She made a toilet seat and the last piece of it was her slave who was turned into a human toilet.

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