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This mistress's man wanted to experience some kinky fun and he wanted her to do it for her. So he asked her to do something extreme and kinky. She thought about it and felt that she could do scat fetish for him. So she had him watch as she took a shit on a container. She also peed in it. He was turned on despite all the nasty smells and they smashed.

When this mistress set out to dominate and degrade her slave, she had to do it in a way that she would not need to do it again. She set out to make him eat her shit and she made sure he watched as she took a dump in a food container. She then packed it well for him and he had to eat it. If anything remained, he would eat it later.

Mistress Medea intentionally took a shit on her thong and she put some of it on a plate. She then went ahead to ask the slave to clean it for her. He had to wash her thong and make sure it was as clean as she expected it to be. Otherwise, he would find himself being forced to eat the shit that she had on the plate. He did not ask questions. He just did it.

This mistress fed up of her neighbor stalking her and peeping on her. She wanted to send a message to him that she was done tolerating him and that his weird and perverted behavior had to end. She did this by turning him into a shit slave and forcing him to eat her shit. He was shocked and as he ate her shit, he realized that there was no need to continue with that behavior.

When princess Nikki found out that her classmate had followed her all the way to her house to try and hit on her after she had refused his advances in class, she was pissed and she turned him into a shit slave so that he knew she did not want anything to do with him. The punishment made him realize that he could not have her the way he had wanted.

Lady Shay is a conservative girl who is a little uptight. But she knew she needed to change and she tried to do her best to make sure that she did. That is why today she resorted to trying something she would normally not do, which was to eat try girls shit fetish. The mistress even went ahead to record herself doing it so that she could review her performance.

Mistress Layla wanted to shit on herself and make her boyfriend watch it. She did it in reaction to how much he masturbated. Since he did not want to stop, she wanted to give him something to jerkoff to. As he watched her take position, he was excited thinking it would be fun. But it turned out to be crazy as she shit on herself and warned him that if he jerked off again, he would be made to eat poo.

Mistress Jardena did not like the kind of service this guy got from her hotel attendant. That was the second time she was complaining about him and his service. When he did it the third time, she did not bother to complain. All she did was to shit on him and make him realize that he had to take his work more seriously than how she felt he did it.

Mistress Lizzy loves to excel at everything. She had just found out about scat femdom and she was wondering whether she could be great at it too. The mistress felt that the best way for her to try it was to go full throttle on it. So she took a shit, on camera, and she smeared her ass with it. She even tried to use it as lube to fist herself in the ass.

Mistress Iside could not understand why this guy was obsessed with her and she had to punish him for what he had done. She was not ok with him and the way he acted since she had tried her best to make him stop and to guide him towards a good path. Now that he did not want to be well guided, the mistress chose to humiliate him and she did it with shit.

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