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While she showed off her hot ass as well as her sexy pussy, this mistress also had a trick up her sleeve and she unleashed it in a way this guy never expected and did not even know was possible. The mistress cruelly forced the guy to eat her shit and to drink her pee before she was done with him. He was scared shitless and did all she asked.

This guy was horny and he wanted to fuck this mistress. But the mistress did not feel him and she did not want to entertain his nonsense. So she went for the best thing she could do to him which was to humiliate him. That is why she used shit as she felt that it was the cruelest thing she could do to him and teach him a lesson he would not forget.

Mistress Xue likes to pass messages to different people and today was not any different. She had to dominate him and she did it with her shit. She made sure that the guy was lying down before she had him jerk off to her naked body. As he did so, she turned on him and she made sure he ate her poop directly from her asshole. He could not do anything about it.

This mistress was so pissed at her ex and she had not gotten over what he did to her that she had to do something cruel for his birthday. The mistress sent an anonymous package and in it was a video of her shitting. It was a pov video and although he could guess who it was, he could not accurately say it was her. It ruined his birthday and she loved it.

Mistress Iside was pissed at how nosy this neighbor was and she had to do all she could to deal with him and humiliate him. That is what she felt would help her deal with him. The mistress had fun teaching him how to eat her shit and making him deathly afraid of her. It was a lot of fun for mistress Iside and she enjoyed herself a great deal.

Madame Ellen came home and found that her slave had not prepared lunch. He was busy watching movies and relaxing when he knew he had some responsibilities and chores he had not yet done. She was so pissed that she took a shit on a plate and she fed it to him. That was how he knew never to fail in his duties as she would not let him get away with it.

Lady Shay is a conservative girl who is a little uptight. But she knew she needed to change and she tried to do her best to make sure that she did. That is why today she resorted to trying something she would normally not do, which was to eat try girls shit fetish. The mistress even went ahead to record herself doing it so that she could review her performance.

Mistress Alice likes to do naughty things especially those involving her ass. That is because she has an ass to die for and she knows it. She never fails to record herself doing it and today she went out of her way to shit on camera. She reviewed it and waited to use the footage at an appropriate time. This was especially when it came to turning off a guy.

Mistress Shilo felt that this employee was good for nothing and she did not want that to continue being a thing. So she did her best to punish him and she did so using her shit fetish. The mistress forced the guy to eat her poop and to lick her asshole before she peed on him. All of this was designed to make him change in order to avoid a repeat.

Mistress Emily had been as patient as she could be with this guy but he did not change. He was too forgetful for her and she had to do something about it. She chose to use her shit to deal with him and make sure that he would make more effort towards remembering things. So the mistress forced the guy to eat her shit and lick her ass clean by being her human toilet and human toilet paper.

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