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This mistress knew that this guy was into her and her ass. But she did not feel the same way and she wanted to torture as well as degrade him. That is why she opted to use her shit to do it. As she flaunted her ass and her tits to him, he loved it and was turned on. But after she was done, she turned him into her toilet slave.

Lady Shay knew that she could not scare this guy with her physical appearance of anything close to that. She did not have cruel or sadistic looks. So she used her shit fetish to do it. The mistress had this guy wat her poo after she had thrown him on the floor. The guy was genuinely scared as he was not sure what else the mistress was able to do to him.

Madame Ellen needed to find a way to deal with this guy and she did it in a way no one expected her to do. The mistress cruelly forced the guy to become her human toilet. He had no say in the matter and all he was required to do was to follow her instructions. He was powerless to do anything about it. He just had to eat her shit and drink her pee.

This mistress is as crazy as they come and she does not care what happens. She loves to explore and she does it better than most. That is what she was up to today and she crazily used her shit to do it. The mistress took a dump and then used the shit as lube as she masturbated using a huge dildo. She was not even worried about vaginal infections.

Madam Tulpan wanted to make sure that her slave was taught a lesson no one had ever taught him. That is why she chose to degrade and humiliate him with her poo. She took a shit on his face and she also smeared it on his face with her feet. He had to eat it, lick it and also jerk off at the same time. It was crazy but he did it.

Mistress Jardena believes in the value of time and how it relates to money. She likes to make the most of her time and that is why she did not let this loser get away with what he had done. The mistress used her shit to torture him and force him to not only eat it, but he also had to lick her poop. It was cruel and it was brutal but there was no way out.

Mistress Priscilla wanted to make sure that this guy was never going to piss her off and that he would be as loyal as she wanted him to be. So she used her shit to dominate him and she also ensured that by the time she was done with him, he had promised her all the things she wanted him to promise and that he knew what would happen if he broke any of his promises.

This mistress was so frustrated at her work that she had to quit. But she was not going to quit before she did what she had been meaning to do for a long time. She chose to turn the guy into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit as well as lick her asshole clean before she quit her job. He did it all and he was shocked at the extent to which she went to send a message.

This mistress was so pissed at her ex and she had not gotten over what he did to her that she had to do something cruel for his birthday. The mistress sent an anonymous package and in it was a video of her shitting. It was a pov video and although he could guess who it was, he could not accurately say it was her. It ruined his birthday and she loved it.

Mistress Kennya and her friend mistress Anita had hired this guy to be their tour guide. But he was not professional and he wanted to take advantage of them. They did not like it and had to punish him. The mistresses cruelly tortured him with their shit as they forced him to eat their poo as well as to lick their assholes clean. He also drank pee before they were done with him.

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