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Mistress Priscilla wanted to make sure that this guy was never going to piss her off and that he would be as loyal as she wanted him to be. So she used her shit to dominate him and she also ensured that by the time she was done with him, he had promised her all the things she wanted him to promise and that he knew what would happen if he broke any of his promises.

Mistress Priscilla is hot and she gets a lot of attention from guys. Some of them are losers who are trying their luck with her. She felt that this guy did not deserve her and she had to humiliate him with her poo. So she turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit. He thought he was dreaming as she did her thing on him.

Mistress Priscilla had no issue with her competitor as long as he played fair. When he started playing dirty, she got concerned. She did not want him to continue playing dirty so she did what she does best and she made him eat her poo. He tried to refuse but she forced him to do it and she told him that he would make it worse for himself. So he complied.

This guy was gullible and mistress Priscilla used that chance to dominate him and have fun at his expense. The mistress wanted to try things she had never tried before. She teased him knowing that he would do nothing about it and then proceeded to make him eat her shit from a plate and wash it down with her pee. And she did not bat an eyelid as she asked him to do so.

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