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Mistress Iside was pissed at how nosy this neighbor was and she had to do all she could to deal with him and humiliate him. That is what she felt would help her deal with him. The mistress had fun teaching him how to eat her shit and making him deathly afraid of her. It was a lot of fun for mistress Iside and she enjoyed herself a great deal.

When princess Nikki found out that her classmate had followed her all the way to her house to try and hit on her after she had refused his advances in class, she was pissed and she turned him into a shit slave so that he knew she did not want anything to do with him. The punishment made him realize that he could not have her the way he had wanted.

Madam Tulpan did not want this guy to continue being dishonest. She felt that he needed to be punished and that is why she used her shit to do it. He was humiliated and he was degraded by all she did to him. He learned his lesson the hard way and that is how he stopped being a dishonest person as he knew what she would do to him if he repeated it.

Mistress Priscilla is hot and she gets a lot of attention from guys. Some of them are losers who are trying their luck with her. She felt that this guy did not deserve her and she had to humiliate him with her poo. So she turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit. He thought he was dreaming as she did her thing on him.

When it comes to teaching people a lesson, this mistress is one of the best at it. Today the mistress had to dominate and humiliate this guy because he deserved it. He was a bully and she was not going to let him get away with any nonsense. She had to give him a taste of his own medicine and that is why she had to make him eat her shit.

Lady Shay is a conservative girl who is a little uptight. But she knew she needed to change and she tried to do her best to make sure that she did. That is why today she resorted to trying something she would normally not do, which was to eat try girls shit fetish. The mistress even went ahead to record herself doing it so that she could review her performance.

Mistress Jardena did not like the kind of service this guy got from her hotel attendant. That was the second time she was complaining about him and his service. When he did it the third time, she did not bother to complain. All she did was to shit on him and make him realize that he had to take his work more seriously than how she felt he did it.

Mistress Bastienne had asked this guy to eat her shit and he did. But she could tell that he was struggling to swallow it and she felt that she had to step in and help him swallow it. So she made him drink her urine and he was to wash the poo down with the pee. The mistress loved watching him do it and she knew he would never want to be near her again.

This slave was fond of asking for all types of bread spreads and today he asked for yet another one. He did not care where they came from and the mistress was tired as he never made any effort to bring even one for them to use. So today she shocked him to the core when she made him use her shit as bread spread and he could not say no.

Mizz Thyck has a big ass and she loves it. She does not feel any pressure or feel any bit ashamed of her body. But this guy tried to joke about her big ass and he thought he was being hilarious. She did not like it and she had to send him a message that it was not appropriate to do that. So she made him eat shit from the same ass he was joking about.

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