Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Princess Nikki is hot and these guys wanted a threesome with her. She granted them their request but it was not what they wanted. The mistress got one man to eat her shit as she played with the dick and balls of the other one. When that one came, she switched their positions and did the same to other one. It was not fun for them but at least they came.

Mistress Jardena was not ok with just shitting on her slave because of his shitty behavior. She was afraid that he would get used to it and so she went a step further to ensure he never took anything for granted. So she fucked him in the ass and she also gagged him before she took a pause to take stock of what she had done to him so far.

When this slave became entitled, this mistress felt that it would not end well. So she had to punish him for it and the best way for her to do it was to make him eat her poop. That was one of the meals for him. The mistress ensured that he ate her poop and that he knew better than to be entitled. If he was, he would only have himself to blame.

Mistress Iside did not like how this guy was a bad influence on her husband. He made her man think that he was on his team but she could read him and she knew he was using her husband. Since she could not convince him that he was being used, she chose to go after the friend directly. The mistress made him eat poop so that he would stop using her husband.

Mistress Medea knew that her slave had never tried scat fetish before and she introduced him to it today. She did it because she had a few issues with him and he had not corrected those issues to her satisfaction. So she made him eat her shit and as he did, he realized he did not have much wiggle room. He had to obey her and do all that she wanted him to do.

Goddess Andova was not ok with how her boyfriend did not have any drive or ambition. He was just there and she felt it was not ok. So she tried to motivate him but she realized it was proving harder than she thought. She had to use a different method and that is why she opted to shit on him. He was scared and humiliated and he decided to do better to avoid another humiliation.

When this mistress noticed that her husband was lazy and he did not work hard, she knew that it was a ticking timebomb so she had to defuse it and she did this by shitting on him. The mistress was sure that he would be shocked and humiliated by what she did and that would lead to him changing. He changed as he did not want the same degradation again.

While other mistresses love to have slaves and losers lick their shit and eat it, mistress Lizzy on the other hand does not fear her own shit and she even smears it on herself. She did that today and she even sucked a dildo which was full of her shit. She is comfortable with her own poop and can have fun with it even in the absence of losers and slaves.

Mistress Priscilla had no issue with her competitor as long as he played fair. When he started playing dirty, she got concerned. She did not want him to continue playing dirty so she did what she does best and she made him eat her poo. He tried to refuse but she forced him to do it and she told him that he would make it worse for himself. So he complied.

This mistress has a hot ass. She loves to use it to do some naughty and crazy things. Today she baited this guy with her hot ass and he thought that he would get to fuck her. But he did not as all he did was to lick her shit as she took a shit on herself and made him lick her clean. He wanted to vomit but she forbade him from doing it.

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