Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

When this mistress noticed that this guy did not give her the respect she deserved, she dominated him cruelly. She forced him to eat her shit to send a message to him. He regretted what he did and he gained a new respect for her. He tried to beg for mercy but the mistress did not care what he said. For the mistress, the damage had already been done and there was nothing he could do about it.

This mistress felt that her slave deserved to be punished for what he had done to her. He had ignored her and gone ahead to do his own things in his own way. He ignored what she had asked him to do and she could not take it. She took a shit on a polythene bag and she forced him to eat it. She watched as he ate all of it under her supervision.

Mistress Isabella accidentally stepped on shit on her way home. She felt bad and she nearly threw up at the smell. But as she walked home, she realized that was the perfect way to punish her slave. She endured the smell until she reached home. On getting home, she made her slave lick the soles of her shoes clean. He had to lick them clean and she nearly threw up seeing him do it.

This BBW mistress does not like to lose. And when she does, she has to take out her anger and frustration on someone. That someone today was her slave who she had to shit on in anger. She was not the only one to shit on him as she had invited her friend to also do the same to him. He had lied to them that he was good and they had bet on him but it turned out he was not and he made them lose.

Mistress Adelina Frau wanted to have a little bit of fun by herself. She wanted to enjoy shit fetish on her own as opposed to enjoying it with a loser or someone else. She inserted an anal toy in her ass and she took a shit on herself and on the toy. She had fun ass fucking herself and shitting herself. She smeared the shit all over her ass before she went to take a shower.

Lady Biac did not understand why this guy made false accusations against her at work. He wanted her fired despite the fact that she had done nothing wrong. He was looking to have her job and that was why he wanted her gone. She was not going down without a fight so she tricked him and took him someplace where they were alone. She took a dump on him and made him eat it. She then made him withdraw what he had done and to apologize.

Mistress Gaia loves to play shit. She knows it is one of the best things she can use to silence or punish someone. She did not like how proud this guy was so she invited him to her house and she made him eat her poo. She surprised him with it and she made sure he could not escape. She warned him never to be too proud and he never was again.

Mistress Emily was looking gorgeous. She told this guy who was interested in her that she was kinky. He told her he could handle it and she laughed. He insisted and they went back to her place where she teased him and he felt right at home. But he was shocked to the bone when she shit onto his face and she spat into his mouth. He was so shocked he could not move.

When this mistress is angry, there is nothing she cannot do to the person who made her angry. This guy was trying to sabotage her business and she was not going to let it happen. She used her shit fetish to punish him. She ensured he was degraded as she forced him to eat her shit and also drink her pee. He did not try to sabotage her again after that.

Lady Amy wanted to degrade this guy in a way he had never been degraded before. She called her friend lady Grace to help her do it and the two mistresses had a great time planning a great punishment. The mistresses dominated the guy using their shit and they fed it to him. He had no choice but to eat their poo. He learned a lesson he will never forget.

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