Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

This mistress was pressed and she ended up shitting on herself. She wiped her butt with her panties and she made her slave lick and sniff them

There is humiliation and there is degradation. This slave was degraded by these mistresses. They shoved him into a toilet and then shit on his face and mouth

Melissa is a cruel mistress. She does not care what she does. Her slave must enjoy it. This time she made him dinner which comprised of her shit and he was supposed to eat it all

Azzurra was doing her exercises. She stretched her legs so tight that she shit on herself

Jordi Jae loves to shit huge loads of crap. She had a perfect one that stretched her anus and she filmed it so she could upload it on her blog later

ScarlettMarie wanted to serve her slave some food. But she had not gone to the grocery store for a long time. So she resorted to serving him poop

Wow - this was so incredible exciting! I was on my way to my garden but then felt an urgent need... I tried to prevent the shit from coming out but then I had to realize that the front end of the shit sausage already left my asshole - and lot of more shit was coming! So I decided to play with my shit instead! It turned me soo much on! But then I realized that I was in public and a couple watched me... so I went into the yard for some more privacy and to continue my messy games... *g*

When Alexa is bored, she likes to invent new things. This time, she wanted to experiment with anal masturbation and peeing upwards

This mistress felt like diarrhoearing and she didn't want to go to the toilet. She called her slave and used him as her toilet

Hell hath no fury like Victoria scorned. Her slave got on her bad side and he lived to regret it. She made him drink her pee and eat her poop

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