Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

This mistress hates bullies. She lured this one to her house and punished him severely by making him eat her shit

Isabella wanted to break up with her boyfriend. So she decided to torture him. She forced him to lie down and shit on his face so that he could break up with her

Mistress Gaia loves obedient slaves. This one proved tough headed and she wanted to teach her a lesson. So she shit on a plastic bag and made her eat it

Victoria was paid by her friend to punish her slave. She did not spare him.She made him lie down and without warning, shit on face and made him lick it

This mistress discovered about scat fetish and she has never looked back since. She enjoys playing with her shit and sometimes humiliating slaves with it

This mistress was mad at her friend. She decided to have her revenge. She waited till she was asleep and shit into her favorite shoes which she was planning to wear in the morning to work

Alexa was paid to play a nasty prank on this guy. She was given the keys to his apartment and she went and shit in his house on the floor

This Japanese mistress had always been curious about her poop. So she removed her underwear and shit on a plate then examined her shit

Alexa is a hot and sexy mistress. But she loves unorthodox things. Like she loves to shit on herself and then play with that shit

This mistress did not want to be left behind. She had discovered about scat fetishes and she wanted to get in on it. She shit and took a video of it which she posted online

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