Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Messalina thrives on slave humiliation. That is how she is happy and that is how she makes money because she gets paid to humiliate slaves and to teach mistresses how to degrade slaves

ScarlettMarie is a mischievous mistress. She likes to play pranks on people and this time she played one on her friend. She pooped in his favorite glass and left it where he would find it

This mistress has a great ass. She has a fetish for shit and likes to collect it. She wants to see the many kinds that come out of her ass

Gina held on from going to the bathroom. She wanted to be pressed so that when she would finally go, it would feel heavenly and better than cumming

Lady Milena is the queen of scat. She was paid to teach this slave manners. She made him lie down and open his mouth then shit into it

Jenny won a bet against her boyfriend. She was allowed to do anything she wanted to him. She chose to shit on him

Shitting makes this mistress horny. When she shits, something comes out. She likes something going back in her ass and that is usually her dildo

Melissa was feeling generous today and wanted to do something special for her slave. She had had a very expensive meal so she shit on a plate and served it to her slave. She also pissed into a glass and gave him too

Bonnies loves shitting. She loves taking food that makes her shit. That way, she can spend a lot of time in the toilet shitting. It feels every bit as good as cumming.

Alexa was pressed and wanted to go to the bathroom. But it was locked and she has no option but to shit on herself. She did not mind because her slave would do the cleaning

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