Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

ScarlettMarie wanted to serve her slave some food. But she had not gone to the grocery store for a long time. So she resorted to serving him poop

Wow - this was so incredible exciting! I was on my way to my garden but then felt an urgent need... I tried to prevent the shit from coming out but then I had to realize that the front end of the shit sausage already left my asshole - and lot of more shit was coming! So I decided to play with my shit instead! It turned me soo much on! But then I realized that I was in public and a couple watched me... so I went into the yard for some more privacy and to continue my messy games... *g*

When Alexa is bored, she likes to invent new things. This time, she wanted to experiment with anal masturbation and peeing upwards

This mistress felt like diarrhoearing and she didn't want to go to the toilet. She called her slave and used him as her toilet

Hell hath no fury like Victoria scorned. Her slave got on her bad side and he lived to regret it. She made him drink her pee and eat her poop

Kim loves filming herself shitting. She likes the many kinds of shit she produces and likes to make a montage of them

Messalina likes her ass licked. She made her slave not only eat her poop, but also lick her ass clean. He was her toilet paper

This mistress had a surprise for a girl she hated. She wanted to send her a surprise gift for her birthday. She shit and sent it as a gift

Dees wanted to humiliate her slave and make him useless and worthless. He made him open his mouth and used him as her human toilet

When a slave misbehaves, he must be corrected. For this mistress, this involves shitting and peeing on the slave to instill some discipline

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