Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Mistress Adelina used her sexy ass to gain a few followers on the internet. She chose to use her ass to lure this loser and when she was done with him, she edited the video and she posted it on the internet. Mistress Adelina was surprised at how much it blew up. The mistress got many likes and views and that was how she started her great girls shit blog.

This mistress was paid to torture this guy and she did it as well as she could. She did not have any mercy on him. She just tortured him and collected her money. She tied him up and once she had rendered him helpless, she made him eat her shit. She actually fed it to him bit by bit, which made it even crueler. But she did not care.

Mistress Anna found out that she was dealing with a dishonest loser and she was not pleased. She wanted to change the loser so she did it using her shit fetish. She turned the loser into a toilet slave and forced him to eat her shit. He also drank her urine and licked her asshole. He was her human toilet paper and he licked her asshole clean. She then let him go.

Lady Laura and her friend found the guy who had conned them. They were not looking for him but they met him by chance. The mistresses were not going to let him get away with what he had done so they tricked him and they made him eat their shit. He had no choice but to do it and that was when he learned that choices do indeed have consequences.

Mistress Emily felt that she needed to teach this loser a lesson he would not forget in a hurry. She took him to her bathroom and she turned him into her asshole. She got him to eat her shit and she smeared it on his face. He was tied up and could not do anything about it. He was at her mercy and he learned not to mess with her.

This mistress loves to play with herself. She is addicted to masturbation and enjoys doing naughty things to herself. Today was no exception but she found her finger in her butthole as opposed to her pussy and she was shocked at how naughty and sweet it was. She played with her ass and as she wanted to push boundaries and have more kinky fun, she found herself trying shit fetish.

This mistress is a BBW and she did not want anyone making fun of her as she was ok with her weight. She chose to torture this loser and she did it with her big ass. She took a shit on him and she made sure he felt the pain and the humiliation of the same ass he was making fun of. And that is how he learned never to abuse anyone.

Princess Nicole did not want anything to happen, that she had not already given her blessings to. This loser did not understand that and he went against it. She was not going to forgive or forget and she made sure he learned his lesson by using him as her human toilet. He had to eat her poo and swallow it. He also had to drink her urine before she was done with him.

Mistress Angelica rode her slave as if he was a human pony. The mistress was angry at her slave and as punishment, she did not just break his back by riding him like a horse, but she also turned him into a human toilet. She made sure he ate her shit and drank her pee. The guy cried and promised not to piss her off but she did not care.

Mistress Natalia felt that she needed to dominate this loser and she did it with her shit. She felt that he was a bigot and since she did not like bigots, she had to teach him a lesson. The determined mistress did it cruelly and he was made to eat shit and drink poo. He could not say no and had to endure the torture and pain of it.

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