Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

Bonnies loves shitting. She loves taking food that makes her shit. That way, she can spend a lot of time in the toilet shitting. It feels every bit as good as cumming.

Alexa was pressed and wanted to go to the bathroom. But it was locked and she has no option but to shit on herself. She did not mind because her slave would do the cleaning

Messalina is a cruel and sadistic mistress. She was bored at home and decided to have fun with her slave. She made him her human toilet and shit directly into his mouth

Jae knew that her boyfriend loves sex in the shower. Before he came in, she shit and smeared all of it on herself. Then waited for him

Lucy is a hot mistress. She has a scat fetish and likes to shit and then masturbate. Whenever she has finished shitting, she is always horny and has to masturbate

Melissa was feeling naughty and wanted to do something unorthodox. She called her slave and led him to her shit. She then made him smear it all over his body

This mistress has a great ass. She loves showing it off and when guys get attracted to it and by it, she takes advantage and shits on them

Gina had gone to the toilet and did not have toilet paper to wipe herself with. She called her slave and used him as toilet paper

This mistress' slave wanted some breakfast. She agreed and served him her shit to eat. She shit on a plate and then forced him to eat and swallow

This mistress made her slave look at her anus and see how clean it was. It would be his duty henceforth to make sure it is as clean

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