Girls Shit

Hot girls filmed on the toilet

When this mistress was told by her friend that her husband was seducing her, they both confronted him and he could not deny it. They punished him together to make sure she would never stray again. The mistresses degraded him by making him suck their strapons and when he was done, he was made to eat their shit. He learned his lesson and he never cheated or attempted to cheat.

Goddess Parvati used scat fetish to deal with her friend. Since she had a spare key to her apartment, she went to her bedroom and she took a stinky dump. Her friend had peed on her bed the previous day because of disagreements they had. It was now her turn to get back at her. And she did it by shitting on her friend's bed. The mistresses were now even.

This mistress wanted to make something for her enemy to eat. It was his birthday so she went out and bought ingredients and she made cupcakes. She added her shit to the ingredients and she gave him the shit filled cupcakes to eat. She made sure he ate them. And she even took a shit on top of some of them and told him it was not optional for him to eat them.

Mistress Kim had beef with her slave and she ensured he had learned his lesson before she let him go. She did not let him off easy and she in fact punished him worse than she had ever done. The mistress did this using poo and she took a shit on his face. Mistress Kim got him to chew and to swallow her poo before she allowed him to go.

Mistress Rosella felt that she had to do something drastic for her slave to know that he did not have any margin for error in the assignment she was about to give him. She even invited her friend mistress Amal and both of them took time to torture him using shit and pee. They did it slowly for maximum impact and by the end of it, he had gotten the message.

This mistress was fed up with how her man did not have time for her. She wanted him to create time for her and she was willing to do anything to make it happen. She went through her options and she settled on shit fetish. She got the boyfriend to eat her shit and that sent the message that she would not let him get away with not prioritizing her.

This loser found out about scat fetish and he asked his mistress about it. The mistress did not want to tell him about it. Instead, she chose to demonstrate to him. So she made him a human toilet and he had to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He regretted why he had asked because the answer was not worth the question. But it had already happened.

Lady Bianca does not forgive easily. This guy had conned her and she had never forgotten about it. He forgot what he had done to her but she did not. She called her lesbian lover to help her punish him and the two mistresses got even with him by shitting on him. He had to eat poo and drink pee while the mistresses made out and licked each other to orgasm.

This mistress uses shit to settle all her problems. If she has beef with you, rest assured she will shit on you or find a way to get you to eat her shit as punishment. That is what she did to this guy who sold her a fake gadget and insisted it was the original. She got him to return her money after he had been made to ear her poo.

This mistress was bored out of her freaking mind and when he went home and she felt like shitting, she took out her camera and she recorded herself shitting. She took pov videos of what her shit leaving her asshole. She wanted to see every nasty detail and when she was done, she had fun watching it. She even got new ideas of what to do next and that is how she came to have a shit fetish.

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