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Mistress Valeria was bored at home and she was interested in trying new things. She felt that she had not done anything new lately and so she did not waste any time in doing so. It was a lot of fun as she took a shit on toys and she smeared it and played with it using her socks. She did not notice how time passed while she did it.

Mistress Wael wanted to find out how it would look like it she degraded a guy while pleasuring him. So she had the guy eat her shit and lick her asshole while at the same time she was jerking him off. She wanted to see what he would do and how he would feel. On the TV, she had a game on and the guy had all his senses busy and he was conflicted.

Mistress Jardena believes in the value of time and how it relates to money. She likes to make the most of her time and that is why she did not let this loser get away with what he had done. The mistress used her shit to torture him and force him to not only eat it, but he also had to lick her poop. It was cruel and it was brutal but there was no way out.

Mistress Gaia loves obedient slaves. This one proved tough headed and she wanted to teach her a lesson. So she shit on a plastic bag and made her eat it

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