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Goddess Parvati used scat fetish to deal with her friend. Since she had a spare key to her apartment, she went to her bedroom and she took a stinky dump. Her friend had peed on her bed the previous day because of disagreements they had. It was now her turn to get back at her. And she did it by shitting on her friend's bed. The mistresses were now even.

Mistress Kim had beef with her slave and she ensured he had learned his lesson before she let him go. She did not let him off easy and she in fact punished him worse than she had ever done. The mistress did this using poo and she took a shit on his face. Mistress Kim got him to chew and to swallow her poo before she allowed him to go.

This mistress felt that her slave deserved to be punished for what he had done to her. He had ignored her and gone ahead to do his own things in his own way. He ignored what she had asked him to do and she could not take it. She took a shit on a polythene bag and she forced him to eat it. She watched as he ate all of it under her supervision.

Mistress Adelina Frau wanted to have a little bit of fun by herself. She wanted to enjoy shit fetish on her own as opposed to enjoying it with a loser or someone else. She inserted an anal toy in her ass and she took a shit on herself and on the toy. She had fun ass fucking herself and shitting herself. She smeared the shit all over her ass before she went to take a shower.

Mistress Gaia loves to play shit. She knows it is one of the best things she can use to silence or punish someone. She did not like how proud this guy was so she invited him to her house and she made him eat her poo. She surprised him with it and she made sure he could not escape. She warned him never to be too proud and he never was again.

Mistress Emily was looking gorgeous. She told this guy who was interested in her that she was kinky. He told her he could handle it and she laughed. He insisted and they went back to her place where she teased him and he felt right at home. But he was shocked to the bone when she shit onto his face and she spat into his mouth. He was so shocked he could not move.

Mistress Anna was alone in the house and she felt like indulging in a little shit fetish. The fact that she was alone was not a deterrent as she had always wanted to try it on her own without bringing someone else into it. Today was her chance and she did it. She took a shit on a toilet paper and played with it. Although it was still fun, it was not as fun as it was when she degraded someone.

Mistress Milana and her friends who are also business partners like honest people. This guy was trying to run them out of business but he was doing it through underhand deals. They did not like that so they cornered him and they gave him the punishment of a lifetime. For a day, they turned him into their human toilet and he was made to eat their shit and drink their pee. He gained a new respect for them.

This mistress wanted to try scat fetish. She had seen others enjoying it and she did not want to be left behind. She chose to try it by herself. So she taped herself shitting and she was shocked at what she saw. She could not see why people liked it but then again she understood why they used it as a punishment because it looked like it was a cruel way to punish someone.

Mistress Adelina was not happy having a slave who did not respect her and did not obey her. She was pissed off to the core and she did what she had never done before to a slave. She looked for one of the worst things she could do and she came up with shit fetish. She took a shit into her slave's mouth and she made him eat it. He never disrespected her or disobeyed her again.

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