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When this guy intruded in her home, mistress Mummy laid a trap for him and when she caught him, she did the craziest thing to him. The mistress tied the shaken intruder and she forced him to be her human toilet. The mistress then went ahead to shit on him and the poor guy had to eat her shit as well as do all the other things that the mistress wanted.

When this slave became entitled, this mistress felt that it would not end well. So she had to punish him for it and the best way for her to do it was to make him eat her poop. That was one of the meals for him. The mistress ensured that he ate her poop and that he knew better than to be entitled. If he was, he would only have himself to blame.

Mioko has always loved the way that her shit looks and she wants you to be able to enjoy it just as much. She's decided to record it all close up and personal. She squats over the floor and lets her pent up nasty shit slide right out of her asshole and fall onto the floor. She makes sure that you can hear it as it slips out and splats down for you to eat.

The five girls are hanging out socializing when two of the girls must take a shit. They head to the lavatory to find the male slave lying under neath the toilet seat so they indulge him by taking steaming piles of shit into his open mouth. The two sexy college girls take nice long shits in his mouth as they relax on top of the toilet seat.

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