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When mistress Bastienne noticed that she was dealing with a slave who did not want to do things the way she had asked him to do them, she knew it was time for her to punish him and punish him she did. The mistress used her shit to do it and to cut a long story short, she forced him to eat her shit as well as drink her urine.

This mistress was pissed at how her girlfriend had tried to go behind her back to get something they had agreed to pursue together. She was even the one who had told her friend about it but she was willing to betray her. She did not like that behavior and she put an end to it by shitting on her and making her eat the poo. The scared friend apologized and never did it again.

When this mistress noticed that this guy was being a nuisance, she knew it was time for her to deal with him in a way she had never done before. That is why she went out of her way to force him to lick her shit and eat it. This was after he had watched her take a shit and inhaled all of that smell. He realized he had messed up and he changed.

Princess Nikki is hot and these guys wanted a threesome with her. She granted them their request but it was not what they wanted. The mistress got one man to eat her shit as she played with the dick and balls of the other one. When that one came, she switched their positions and did the same to other one. It was not fun for them but at least they came.

Goddess Andova was not ok with how her boyfriend did not have any drive or ambition. He was just there and she felt it was not ok. So she tried to motivate him but she realized it was proving harder than she thought. She had to use a different method and that is why she opted to shit on him. He was scared and humiliated and he decided to do better to avoid another humiliation.

Mistress Priscilla had no issue with her competitor as long as he played fair. When he started playing dirty, she got concerned. She did not want him to continue playing dirty so she did what she does best and she made him eat her poo. He tried to refuse but she forced him to do it and she told him that he would make it worse for himself. So he complied.

This mistress could not stand to have an insubordinate employee in her house and that is why she opted to punish him and to teach him a lesson. She had tried her best to mentor him and to have him do the right thing but he seemed not to be interested. So as a last resort, she made him eat her shit and then watched out for what he did after that.

This mistress starving and she had asked this slave to cook for a good meal. She let him choose whatever it was as she wanted him to cook what he was good at as all she wanted was a great meal. But he did not do it and the food he had cooked was tasteless. She did not like it and to punish him, she made him eat her shit.

Mistress Layla did not like what her husband had done to disgust her. She thought about it and felt that since he had done it deliberately, and since they were supposed to spend the rest of their lives together, it would only be prudent for her to respond in kind which she did. She waited for him to be horny and when he wanted sex, she pooped on herself as he watched.

Lady Scarlet had an issue with this guy and she punished him for it. But she was not satisfied with the kind of punishment she had given him and she had to find something else to give to him so that he would never be tempted to mess with her again. That is how she cruelly turned him into a human toilet and made him eat her shit. The punishment worked.

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