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Mistress Medea had been cutting this guy some slack but he seemed to take advantage of it. He was always paying his rent late and she did not like that. The mistress had to punish and she had to torture him as well. And she had to ensure that he learned never to make that mistake twice. That is why she ensured that he ate shit and was high heel trampled.

Mistress Medea intentionally took a shit on her thong and she put some of it on a plate. She then went ahead to ask the slave to clean it for her. He had to wash her thong and make sure it was as clean as she expected it to be. Otherwise, he would find himself being forced to eat the shit that she had on the plate. He did not ask questions. He just did it.

Mistress Medea knew that her slave had never tried scat fetish before and she introduced him to it today. She did it because she had a few issues with him and he had not corrected those issues to her satisfaction. So she made him eat her shit and as he did, he realized he did not have much wiggle room. He had to obey her and do all that she wanted him to do.

This guy badmouthed mistress Medea and he had to be punished. She did not go easy on him and she made sure that he ate her shit and that he drank her pee as well. It was after that that the guy knew that he could not piss her off again as she would not take it lying down and he would not like the punishment she would give him.

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