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Mistress Lizzy had a tenant who did not want to behave well and she did not like that. He had to be punished and the mistress chose to do it by cruelly torturing him with her shit. The mistress had to make him eat her poo and when he was done, he never tried to mess with her or not to cooperate with her as he knew what she could do.

Mistress Lizzy loves to excel at everything. She had just found out about scat femdom and she was wondering whether she could be great at it too. The mistress felt that the best way for her to try it was to go full throttle on it. So she took a shit, on camera, and she smeared her ass with it. She even tried to use it as lube to fist herself in the ass.

While other mistresses love to have slaves and losers lick their shit and eat it, mistress Lizzy on the other hand does not fear her own shit and she even smears it on herself. She did that today and she even sucked a dildo which was full of her shit. She is comfortable with her own poop and can have fun with it even in the absence of losers and slaves.

Mistress Lizzy wanted to avoid having sex with this guy and she did not know how to do it. And just before she was about to give up, she remembered watching girls shit femdom and she knew it would work out for her if she smeared herself with shit so as to repel the guy. He would not want to have sex with her if she did that. And it worked as she had intended it to.

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