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When she gets bored, this mistress has no boundaries for what she can do for fun. Today she found herself needing to masturbate but since she had done that many times, she wanted something which was different. She chose to masturbate while shitting. It sounded crazy and fun at the same time and that is why she had to do it. She even recorded it to watch later on when she was done.

This mistress is as crazy as they come. She wanted to make sure that she sent a message to this guy and she did it with her shit masturbation. She used her shit as lube. She took a shit as he watched and she rubbed it all over her ass and pussy before she rubbed her clit and fingered herself as he watched. He was scared and knew he could not afford to mess with her.

This mistress starving and she had asked this slave to cook for a good meal. She let him choose whatever it was as she wanted him to cook what he was good at as all she wanted was a great meal. But he did not do it and the food he had cooked was tasteless. She did not like it and to punish him, she made him eat her shit.

This mistress was so pissed when she failed this professor's class as she felt that he was biased against her. She was not going to take it lying down and she did what she does best and she turned him into a human toilet. He was forced to eat her shit as well as to drink her urine and that is how he knew never to be biased against her again.

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