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The sexy scat queen Jenicha shits out a fat brown sausage from her ass hole as she gives you a behind view of her taking a nice dump from her pretty ass. She spreads her ass hole nice and wide so you can get a good look a the brown poop falling out of her ass hole. Too bad you did not catch her in time to get in your mouth.

Lovely Melanie is completely naked and has a nice bowl of her own shit that she wants to play with. The brown shit is in a red container on the floor as Melanie takes the pile of shit and rubs it all over her own body. She smears the shit all over her own body, tasting it and eating it to make sure that it is totally ready to rub on your cock

Sexy redhead Princess Nikki lies out and gets some sun as she has her slave underneath her willing and ready to take her hot shit and piss. Nikki sits back and relaxes in her chair, smoking her cigarette and talking on her cell phone. She gets so relaxed that she lets out a nice golden stream of pee from her pussy and a brown shit from her lovely anus

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