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Messalina can be a very evil bride on her wedding day, but that doesn't mean that her slave can slack off. Her slave must clean her ass no matter what is on her ass. Even if Messalina takes a giant shit, her slave much get down on the ground and stick out his tongue and clean every bit of shit from her perfect asshole. She must have a clean ass.

Princess Nikki has never been shy about having a slave that devours her shit. She is proud of the fact that he would and will stuff his face into her white bowl that contains shit directly from her asshole. Sometimes she gives him a warm bowl of shit, but other times the shit can be cold. Either way her slave knows to stick his face in the bowl of shit.

Miss Missa X is a very exciting lady, because she loves to show off her skills for a friend. Her special friend that is turning out to be her slave is going to get a terrific view of her taking a huge shit. Her friend is going to be front row to watch her push out a nice long log of poo directly from her perfect asshole.

Gabi gets pissed off and takes out her anger on this mans face as she pulls down her panties and takes a nice hot shit right into his mouth. She takes control of the slave as she gets him on the ground and then bends his head back so she can take a brown nasty shit right into his open mouth as he lies underneath her pussy and ass hole

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